Custom Printed Cup Ref Lyons Mace


Mace is a large chain of grocery stores located in UK and Ireland. This Cup is used for the Deli and Hot Drinks section of the shops, perfect for lunch when at work or a quick stop off on a long journey. With a simple 2 colour print this cup is simplistic yet effective.

This cup, like all our others, has a double layer of thick insulating paper, which stops the heat reaching and burning your hands but keeps the heat in so your hot beverage is not ruined. The cup promotes the shops areas, such as a bakery and off license, as well as the standard grocery and stationary section. The white writing contrasts well with the dark blue background colour to make the text stand out.

If you require this type of cup or have any questions regarding this variety of cup packaging please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 338 1741 or send us an enquiry through our email via

Data Sheet

    Material: Double Lined Insulating Card

    Colour(s): Dark Blue with White Text and Logo