Luxury Card Printed Bottle Box Ref. Gall & Gall


Printed Liquor Bottle Box Ref. Gall & Gall

Gall&Gall is a Dutch liquor store chain, with around 500 stores all around the Europe. This box is designed with the printing representing a luxury leather drinks case by printing intricate details, like the stitching and cracking of leather cases, and specific colour pantones to achieve this high quality Luxury Card Box.


The box standing at 330mm in height and with a square base of 95x95mm is the perfect fit for standard sized bottles of wine and spirits. Using 250gsm luxury card and having a clever overlapping folding method on the base of the box it is strong enough to carry a full bottle of your favourite beverage. On opening the lid there is a card cover with a hole that slides over the lid and onto the rim of the bottle to hold it secure and not allow it to move about in the box, therefore giving more strength and security to the bottle.


This is just one variety of drinks / bottle box we can produce. If you require our assistance call us on 0845 338 1741 or email us via:

Data Sheet

    Material: Luxury Card

    Material Weight: 250gsm

    Colour(s): Full Colour printing, matt laminated finish