Printed Boxes for Perfume Bottles with Lid Ref Emmanuel Levain


The Emmanuel Levain company was founded in Geneva and has since been world renowned for daring and elegant scents using the best natural ingredients available, creating some truly unique fragrances. In order to match their powerful brand identity in the world of perfume, we have designed this bold two-piece unlaminated paper coated box.

Made with rigid card and coated with paper this box is durable and ideal for storing fragile glass perfume containers safely while still remaining stylish enough to portray this powerful brand with its unlaminated spot UV finish. Measuring 159mm X 70mm this box is ideal for carrying bottles of perfume and other fragrances in a stylish package.

To package your fragrances in a bold, two piece box with a paper coating and spot UV finish with a range of bespoke options contact us by calling 0845 338 1741 or email us via:

Data Sheet

    Material: Paper coated Rigid card 

    Colour: Black