Bespoke Pink Ribbon Handled Carrier Bag Ref Peri A


Peri A is a luxurious high-end women’s clothing brand located in North Robertson Drive, California. They have a European fashion style with celebrity clientele such as Victoria Beckham.

This colourful creation measures at 505x150x380mm proving a large carrier bag, yet lightweight and made with 185gsm white Bristol. As the bag is large in size there is a reinforced turnover and base for extra durability. This will allow it to hold a variety of different items. For an extra element of class, there is a pink grosgrain ribbon handle which works elegantly well with the vibrant red colour of the paper. The text on both sides stands out strong and is easily read.

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Data Sheet

    Size: 505x150x380mm

    Material: White Bristol

    Weight: 185gsm

    Reinforcement: Turnover & Base

    Ribbon Handle: Pink Grosgrain