Inserted Satin Ribbon Handle – Ref. Vector Watches


Vector Watches are a relatively new entrant into the watch market as they were established in 2014. Their products don’t just tell you the time or date, they are wearable technology which is designed to simplify lifestyles. The watches are of an impeccable level of craftsmanship and design, using luxury materials and the very latest software technology. The timepiece will provide discreet and relevant information to help the user streamline day to day activities.


This small satin ribbon handle bag is made from luxury card; more specifically White Bristol. The material weight is 185gsm and the bag benefits from a 400gsm card reinforcement in the turnover and the base. The finish off the bag is a matte lamination, whilst the handle is a black satin inserted ribbon. This dainty yet robust little bag is perfect size for a Vector Watch in a presentation box. The artwork is a 1 colour pantone and is finished using a hot black foil stamping method.

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Data Sheet

    Material: Luxury Card

    Paper Weight: 185gsm

    Colour: Ivory
    Finish: Matte Laminate
    Handle Type: Satin Insert

    Handle Colour: Black