Custom Printed Black Streetwear Box Ref Motus


The Motus Projects were founded in 2015. They aim to donate funds back into the free running and parkour community by selling urban streetwear. The products they have on offer include backpacks, t-shirts, shorts, and hoodies to allow people to be comfortable as there includes a lot of running, jumping and swinging from fixed objects. This box has been designed to hold some of these clothing accessories.

This urban streetwear box measures at 260x300+50mm, an ideal size to hold different items. Weighing only 230g it would be a preferred option for E-commerce businesses. To protect the contents inside, the design is made with brown corrugated e flute which can sustain any considerable damage. The classy look of this box is finished with a dispersion lacquer lamination. This makes the white logo and text around the box shine.

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Data Sheet

    Size: 260x300+50mm

    Material: Brown Corrugated E Flute

    Weight: 230g

    Lamination: Dispersion Lacquer