Printed Paper Clothes Box Ref Jakamen


Jakamen is a menswear retailer, both online and in-store in Europe. These printed clothes boxes are an essential part of the packaging and distribution services provided by the company. These allow protection for products purchased and delivered.

This box will hold all small to medium-sized products, such as shirts, jumpers, and trousers. With a ‘Pizza Box’ style this box is easily strong enough and will be secure when closed. With dimensions of 350x60x350mm (WxGxH) these boxes are medium sized, and made from a thick folded reinforced paper board, with a two colour print, well contrasted with white printing on a matt black background and blue additional touches.

If you require these style of boxes, whether it be for your clothes packaging or other requirements, we can meet your demands and produce a high-quality product for you. Call us on 0845 338 1741 for more information or send us an email enquiry via  

Data Sheet

    Material: Reinforced Paperboard

    Material Weight: 1mm 2 ply Corrugated Card

    Handle Type: N/a

    Colour(s): Black base with White and Royal Blue Logo