Custom Printed Square Shaped Stickers - Ref. NK


Description: Custom Printed Square Shaped Stickers - Ref. NK

I Love NK is part of a marketing campaign of a loaf of bread called Nutty Krust, baked by famed Northern Ireland bakers Irwin’s Bakery. Quirky in its own right, these stickers were part of Irwin’s marketing campaign of Nutty Krust across a wider scale to reach a great overall audience and mass of consumers. The great thing about using stickers is the ways to which they can be used with limitless other formats of packaging and within other environments.


The tone of the Printed Stickers seen here shows them in a highly bold and individual way. The three-tone colour scheme in orange, blue and white enables them to stand out most effectively. In a square format, this is just one of the many possibilities we can offer with our Custom Printed Stickers. We can offer full colour printing to stickers and which can be manufactured to any shape and colour scheme imaginable. Best of all, this is also a great value for money way of marketing and representing business branding to a wider audience. Printed Stickers are ideal in that they can be manufactured and produced to fit with any design imaginable in line with a business’s branding requirements. 


Most Suitable For: Gift Wrapping, Brand Promotion, Retail Stores, Labelling Products, Sealing Bags & Tissue Paper

Delivery Time: 2-3 Weeks

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