Printed Flat Handle Paper Bags

Printed Flat Handle Bags

Flat handle paper bags are highly versatile, used by a variety of businesses such as card shops, cafes and sandwich bars. They are a fantastic looking and inexpensive way to advertise. This is a range of bags available in a wide variety of eye-catching colours and finishes to suit your requirements.

Made InLead TimeMinimum Order QuantitySize Available
UK 7 days 250* Bespoke
Europe 2-4 weeks 250* Bespoke
Asia 12-16 weeks 1,000 Bespoke

Most Suitable For

  • Boutique Shops
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants & Sandwich Shops

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Extra Information

Flat Paper Bags are best suited to retailers looking to leverage and promote their brand in a bespoke and upmarket way within the catering industry. As a bag, this is a variety we can dispatch across the UK and Europe.