Printed Packaging

Print Stickers, Tissue Paper, Clothing tags or Ribbon to promote your company or cause.

Printed Packaging can be used for Catering and Retail purposes, and also for Special Occasions.

The secret is in the detail, give your packaging the edge with Printed Stickers, Tissue Paper, Custom Boxes or Ribbon. Offering you the best prices for printed Packaging in the UK you are sure to find value for money on all of you orders. Whether you require a highly luxurious image or an attractive yet affordable branding solution we have the abilities to adapt custom made Printed Packaging to a design and style to meet your requirements. If you can't find what you are looking for don't hesitate to get in contact with our talented sales team for details and advice.

Custom Printed Paper Boxes

Available in a variety of paper weights, Printed Paper Boxes are perfect for offering protection as a packaging solution for luxury items. As a box packaging solution, we can offer a variety of printed finishes to further help your products and your brand stand out from the crowd. Upon choosing custom boxes from Precious Packaging, you can be sure of the very best value for money and customer service of any packaging manufacturer in the UK.

Most Suitable For: Boutiques, Cosmetics, Department Stores, Footwear, Liquor & Luxury Foods

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Printed Tissue Paper, Printed Ribbon & Accessories

We are delighted to offer our range of printed tissue paper, printed ribbon and retail accessories which all offer cost-effective ways to add instant appeal to your packaging. Whether you seek to portray a luxury image or would like to increase your brand or logo exposure you are sure to find a suitable product in from our variety of customizable products.  Simple touches such as clothing tags or branded stickers can add that extra value to your brand or product in the eyes of your customers.   

Most Suitable For: Corporate Events, Retail Stores, Food Outlets & Department Stores 

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Printed Packaging

We sell a wide range of beautiful printed packaging options including paper boxes, decorative ribbon, tissue paper, clothing tags and stickers. If you are looking to add that extra appeal and really stand out from the crowd then Precious Packaging is the best solution for all your packaging needs. 

Custom bespoke Printed Packaging is a great way in which to package and protect items for both retail and corporate products. It works incredibly effectively for holding items in which you may wish to create a bespoke and high value representation.


Wholesale Printed Packaging

At Precious Packaging we have the abilities to adapt Printed Packaging to a design and style to meet your requirements. Manufactured to a high standard and you can enable your products to stand out well when viewed by your target audience. Overall, all of our formats of Wholesale Printed Packaging are most effective in sending out the right message to your customers.  We pride ourselves on incredible customer service and ensuring that you are happy with your wholesale printed packaging purchases.


Customise your printed packaging

If you want to your business to grow then why not add your logo to our printed packaging and promote your brand in style. We offer a wide range of customisable options such as size, colour, finish and custom prints.  You are guaranteed to find the packaging that suits your business’ needs with the help of our talented design team. Combine our printed products to really add sophistication and luxury appeal to your packaging solution.  No matter what your business is we have stunning and affordable packaging solutions to help promote your brand in style.

Have a look at our plain ribbon range to really give your product that finishing touch!


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If you are unsure about customisable options then don’t hesitate to call us on 0845 338 1741 and our talented design team will be more than happy to help you find the right print or style. You can also request n instant quotation online now!  Don't forget we have a highly talented in house design team if you require us to design your packaging for you. 


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