Printed Retail Presentation Boxes

Retail Presentation Boxes

Retail boxes are perfect for shops and retailers that sell a variety of high end goods. Styles include magnetic sealed boxes, ribbon sealed boxes, detachable lid boxes and pillow boxes - all made bespoke to your unique requirements. Considering the nature of this variety of box packaging, we can guarantee the very cheapest prices of any printed paper box manufacturer across the UK. We manufacture for retail sectors such as cosmetics, footwear and high value luxury goods.


Our customer account managers can tailor your order further to include; urgent delivery dates, storage & print specification to suit your budget.

(Urgent also available)
(MOQ 250)
(Standardised sizes for overprint)
(Depending on size, finishes & artwork)
7-10 days 1,000 Bespoke / Overprint £0.65 - £12.35
3-4 weeks 5,000 Bespoke £0.38 - £8.85
12-16 weeks 10,000 Bespoke £0.25 - £4.45

Available Finishes

  • Pantone printing
  • CMYK printing
  • Metallic Pantone printing
  • Gloss/Matt Lamination
  • Hot Foil
  • Spot UV
  • Inside Printing
  • Ribbon Bow Closure
  • Reinforced Printed Base
  • Embossing/De-bossing
  • Colorplan/G.F. Smith Paper
  • Textured Paper
  • FSC Certified Paper
  • Uncoated/Coated

Most Suitable For

  • Independent Retailers
  • Boutiques
  • Corporate Gift Bags
  • Jewelers
  • Wedding Shops
  • Department Stores
  • Dentists
  • Exhibitions & Events

*For urgent or rushed orders please call us on 0845 338 1741

Extra Information

With a variety of shapes, styles and designs available, these Retail Presentation Boxes are a perfect solution to luxury packaging. From Printed Shoe Boxes, to Ribbon Sealed luxury boxes to small jewelry and magnetic sealed boxes. By producing these boxes bespoke, they are made from scratch, supplying us with all the intricate details you want, these will be met with a high standard..

By choosing from a range of material thicknesses these boxes can be made exactly to the requirements of your products. Our sales team will also be able to point you in the right direction with regards material specifications and ideas of what would be most suitable for the task at hand. With our high quality printing these boxes will remain in pristine condition in storage or in use.