Bespoke Limited-Edition Sock Box Ref Happy Socks


Happy Socks sell custom socks and underwear in more than 90 countries. Founded in 2008 by two friends, they aim to spread happiness by combining colour with everyday essentials. They strive to sell the happiest products around. This box is used to house 6 pairs of limited edition socks based on The Beatles.

Measuring at 260x300+50mm, this design supports a radiant colour combination. The bright colours on the front and the iconic four members of The Beatles are clear to see. There is a fabric attachment which allows the box to fold up, giving it a vintage feel. Made with 1.5mm rigid board, the packaging is matching the high quality, limited edition socks inside.

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Data Sheet

    Size: 300x300x45

    Material: 1.5mm Rigid Board

    Logo: Spot Uv Over

    Print: CMYK