Matt Laminated Pillow Box - Ref. Proper Corn


Matt Laminated Pillow Box - Ref. Proper Corn

At ProperCorn they do things properly. They do everything without compromise; this is reflected in their delicious popcorn recipes and unique eye catching packaging. The popcorn itself is under 130 calories, which means it can be enjoyed as a healthy snack. There are currently 5 flavours to choose from with more in the pipeline. They are gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians, consisting of only natural ingredients.


This creative bespoke Pillow Box was used by Proper Corn to distribute t-shirts as one of their marketing campaigns. The box is made from paperboard and has a material weight of 350gsm. It also has a 2 colour print, consisting of orange and black. The design is of interlocking geometric shapes. The special feature with this box is a silk ribbon insert with a printed tab. This loops underneath the t-shirt and when pulled will prise the garment out of the top of the box. The finish is a matt lamination.


If you would like a bespoke silk ribbon insert pillow box to promote your brand at exhibitions or events then please get in contact via or give us a call at 0845 338 1741.

Data Sheet

    Material: Paperboard

    Paper Weight: 350gsm

    Colour: White & Black
    Finish: Matt Laminate