Large Printed Pillow Boxes Ref Patisserie Mimi


Patisserie Mimi is a newly established brand based in Belfast with a twist. They have become the city of Belfast’s first high-end artisan bakery, famed for serving an array of artisan bread, pastries, macaroons and gateaux’s. The large variety of boxes we manufactured were most ideal and effective in the sense they most effectively managed to convey and communicate their branding in an attractive and eye-catching manner. They also offered the ideal opportunity for Patisserie Mimi to display and represent their company branding.

These boxes are perfect as a neat, compact format from which to present items. They are great for representing a brand in a bespoke way. Functionally, they offer an easy gift wrapping and packaging solution. Stored flat, you can make these boxes up once they are required for use. As seen above, these Large Printed Pillow Boxes feature a punched out handle and benefit to a large degree of being manufactured from a strong luxury card. A more premium variety of product packaging, the boxes are perfect for creating a bespoke end image and impression to customers for businesses and brands to be remembered by.

Large Pillow Boxes such as this example are a very premium, specialist variety of product packaging, offering great attributes in being strong and easy to carry. If you are after high Printed Pillow Boxes or have any questions regarding these pillow boxes then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 338 1741 or email us via


Data Sheet

    Material: Luxury Card

    Paper Weight: 300gsm

    Colour: Red & Yellow

    Finish: Matt Laminated

    Handle: Die Cut