Card Pillow Box Ref. Mary Cohr


Card Pillow Box

 Mary Cohr is a company based in Paris that is well known for their skin care and beauty products. Mary Cohr is also known for sponsoring a tennis team exhibition event the week before the french open event. A company of this size and reputation therefore demands only top quality when it comes to their packaging.


This bespoke pillow box measures 160mm X 42mm and weighs 350 gsm making it ideal for small presents, jewellery and skincare products. This bespoke pillow box is made of card which makes it cost effective and easy to store.


This material also comes with the possibility of a large variety of print options to make your brand's packaging even more bespoke.
To package your jewellery or skincare products in a cost effective yet bespoke package contact us via via e-mail at or give us a call at 0845 338 1741 to get your bespoke pillow boxes.

Data Sheet

    Material: Card 

    Paper Weight: 350gsm 

    Colour: Bespoke options available

    Finish: Bespoke options available