Bespoke Die Cut Paper Carrier Bags Ref It-Market


This die cut carrier bag was designed for It-Market. It can be used to carry clothing items as well as food products. 

These printed die cut paper bags have a reinforced bottom, giving the bag extra quality. The handle also provides strength and gives the bag shape, allowing it to be held comfortably. An uncoated finish works brilliantly with the hot gold foil, making it easily seen while adding a touch of luxury. Measuring at 350x450x150, this bag is quite large, allowing it to hold several items. Due to the flat fold design, it means that this bag can be conveniently stored away in between uses.

If you are interested in obtaining reinforced die cut paper bags or have any questions that need answering then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 338 1741 or email us via

Data Sheet

    Size: 350x450x150
    Kraft Paper
    Material Weight: 160gsm
    Handle Type: Die Cut