Luxury Printed Bag With Die Cut Handle Ref Bettys


Luxury Printed Bag With Die Cut Handle Ref Bettys 

Bettys are a bakery and confectioners founded by a Swiss baker and the first opened in Harrogate. The reason behind the name “Bettys” is still a mystery to all but they are well known for their delightful treats.


This sophisticated bespoke luxury bag is printed on ivory board and has a 3 colour print. It also has a reinforced turnover and base which will add structure and durability to the bag. It measures 280x200+100mm in size.


The die-cut handle is as clever design feature which gives the bag a neat finish. This bag is also finished with a matt lamination which gives it a smooth and luxurious feel.


We can design and create luxury printed carrier bags to whichever specification you require. If you need something handcrafted and completely bespoke that will literally carry your brand please get in contact via email at , call us on 08453381741 or request an instant quote.

Data Sheet

    Material: Ivory Board

    Size: 280x200+100mm

    Handle: Die cut

    Weight: 185gsm