Die Cut Handle Luxury Paper Carrier Bags ref. Unilever


Die Cut Handle Luxury Paper Carrier Bags ref. Unilever

  we produced are easy to carry and with a two-tone finish, stylishly displays the Unilever logo across the front surface area. This space allows them to clearly promote their brand to their target audience for greater brand awareness with an upmarket representation.


The  Paper Carrier Bags are 300*100*300mm (WxGxH) in size and have been printed with an eco-friendly ink and an overall thickness of 190gsm including the Interior base. This is a type of carrier bag we can offer in a variety of thicknesses and printed finishes. The bags have also been printed internally, within the top and base reinforcements which add extra durability which also ensure the bags have the stability to stand freely once filled. Generously sized and stylish, this is a variety of paper carrier bag which we can produce custom to suit any design requirements.


Our Die Cut Paper Carrier Bags are an ideal bag for retail brands among others for enabling brands to represent and promote themselves in a bespoke manner. This is also a bag which can be readily dispatched with fast delivery times. If you are after Luxury Paper Carrier Bags or have any questions regarding this variety of paper bag then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 338 1741 or email us via: info@preciouspackaging.co.uk

Data Sheet

    Material: Unocated Luxury Card

    Material Weight: 190gsm

    Handle Type: Die Cut (12*2.5cm WxH)

    Colour: Blue & White