Bespoke Boxes for Breast Self Examination Equipment Ref Breast-i


Breast-i is a new health and well-being product for women. It was developed by the Highland Innovation Centre Ltd who is a scientific and medical device company that specialises in design and development. Breast cancer is the most common cause of death for women under the age of 50 and so Breast-i is a device that can help it be detected earlier. 

This two-piece paperboard box measures 180x220+70mm with a 1.5mm rigid card paper. Completely durable, preserving any valuable items inside, you can be confident in this paperboard box. The matte lamination gives the design a smooth finish.

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Data Sheet

    Internal: 180x220+70mm

    Material: 1.5mm Rigid Card Paper Wrapped Cardboard- 170gsm

    Finish: Matte Lamination

    Additional Features: Die Cut to Shape Sleeve- 300gsm Paperboard