Luxury Bespoke Paper Carrier Bags Ref Four Seasons


Luxury Bespoke Paper Carrier Bags Ref Four Seasons

The Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul recently launched a delightful pastry and coffee shop called “confections”. This chic café produces delicious pastries and we have designed stunning boxes for customers to protect their little treats, so, we have also crafted stunning bespoke carrier bags to put them in.


The carrier bags which we have designed for Four Seasons come in two sizes, 240x130x300mm and 300x250x260mm. We can create bags of any size to meet your specification requirements. The material we have printed on is luxury card with a sleek gloss lamination which gives a stunning finish. On this particular bag we have printed the base in pantone matched colour which enhances the branding and printed the logo in silver hot foil. 


For added structure and durability, we have crafted this bespoke carrier bag with a reinforced 400gsm turnover and base. The handle is also durable but very chic and luxurious as we have used an inserted satin ribbon in pantone matched blue to replicate the branding.


To order or enquire about creating your own bespoke carrier bags for your company please email us at, call us on 08453381741 or request an instant quote.

Data Sheet

    Material: Luxury Card

    Sizes: 240x130x300 & 300x250x260mm

    Handle: Inserted Ribbon

    Lamination: Gloss