3fivetwo Printed 2 Colour Ribbon


3fivetwo Healthcare providers are a private medical solutions company in Northern Ireland who provide specialist medical services spanning from Gynecology right across to general medical services. The Custom Printed Ribbon, in a very effective colour scheme of black and wide, very prominently managed to enable 3fivetwo Healthcare to portray and represent their brand to their customers.


Dispensable from a roll, the Printed Ribbon here has been produced in a two-colour finish. As a format of packaging, we can print ribbon across a larger palette of colours if required. Our overall print offering can enable use to print to any brand identity design requirements. Great for complimenting other formats of packaging, such as box packaging and gift-wrapping paper, our offering of printed ribbon can offer a great value for money branded packaging solution from which your business can be made more visible.


Custom Printed Ribbon is a relatively great value for money choice of packaging which can enable the end user a great level of freedom as to how it can be used. If you are after custom designed ribbon or have any questions regarding this type of packaging solution then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 338 1741 or email us via: info@preciouspackaging.co.uk

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