Custom Printed Ribbon Ref Kata Jewellery


Kata was launched in February 2012, selling handmade fine jewellery. With over 17 years experience crafting jewellery, they offer unique products of various shapes and colours.

This satin ribbon is 25mm wide which is a standard size, however, we can create your product to your exact requirements. The vibrant sunset tone of this ribbon is very eye-catching. The logo is printed in a continuous pattern in cool grey 8C.

Our in-house design team can help you create your own personalised packaging. 

For more information regarding printed ribbon please get contact via e-mail at or give us a call at 0845 338 1741. 

Graphic Design:: Standard: ( Included )

Data Sheet

    Material: Satin

    Size: 25mm

    Colour: Sunset

    Pantone Printing: Cool Grey 8C