Bespoke Printed Satin Ribbon Ref Buxmead


Harrison Varma is a leading developer of luxury, high-end, individual homes. We have designed a stunning ribbon spool for Buxmead, their premium collection of penthouses, duplexes, and apartments in central London. An award-winning family business, they strive to create unique and contemporary homes.

This beautifully crafted fine and soft gold ribbon is just 15mm wide. Created to be used for several ideas, it was made with a two-colour print process. The Buxmead logo is printed 9mm long in a continuous pattern spaced 64mm. This is a stylish design that adds an extra element of luxury with the gold material.

We can help you brand your own ribbon, rope handled carrier bag and so much more. You can get a quote today by calling on us on 0845 338 1741 or email

Data Sheet

    Size: 15mm

    Material: Ribbon (Gold -1859)

    Print: 2 Colour