Bespoke Watch Box with Gold Foil Ref Rolex


Rolex is a world famous Swiss watchmaker who has been the leading name in the watch industry for over a century. The brand is synonymous with quality and luxury.

They required a box to package some of their products that would meet the level of quality associated with the brand. This superb box measures 177x177x40mm and is made out of 1.5mm paper wrapped rigid board. Visually stunning, with a white base decorated with gold foil branding. The shoulder style design reveals more gold foiling. An insert inside the box holds the product securely and an uncoated Gravure finish completes this great little box.  

We can make all our boxes to meet your exact needs. All shapes, sizes, and designs are possible. 

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Data Sheet

    Size: 177x177x40mm

    Finish: Uncoated Gravure

    Print: Gold foil  (Bilici BG114)

    Material: 1.5mm Paper Wrapped Rigid Board