Luxury Two Piece Box For Energy Drinks Ref Sunsoul

Sunsoul is a healthy alternative to an energy drink. Founded in 2004, Sunsoul is committed to changing the way in which people consume sugary energy drinks. Made with hearty ingredients, these drinks can contain spring water and natural fruit juice. The brand proudly includes no refined sugars and is low in calories.  

This fresh, crisp and clean two-piece shoulder box measures at 170x142+64mm with a 32mm lid, perfect for housing cans. The black gloss foil logo stands strong against the white background, brilliantly reflecting the brand values. Providing extra stability, the 2mm rigid card with 170gsm paper wrap is ideal for housing a variety of items. The smooth matte finish proves an excellent style to complete a luxurious shoulder box. 

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Data Sheet

    Finish: Matte 

    Logo Finish: Black Gloss Foil

    Material: 2mm Rigid Card, With 170gsm Paper Wrap

    Size: 170x142+64mm

    Additional Specifications: 32mm Lid