Premium Plain Blue Tissue Paper


Description: Premium Plain Blue Tissue Paper

With a great variety of different coloured Plain Coloured Tissue Paper offered, this is specifically a premium variety of tissue paper packaging. This is a great choice of tissue paper, ideal for wrapping, packaging and presentation. They are ideal as an addition for packaging items already placed within bags or boxes. Given the quality of our Plain Blue Tissue Paper, it is perfect for relaying a good impression to customers in showing you are making an effort in packaging their items.


The tissue is well manufacturer and unique in the sense it is acid free; perfect for ensuring the items being wrapped will not be damaged in any way. The paper overall has a thickness of 21gsm and have an overall surface area size of 500 x 700 mm. For the end user, they can simply place the item out on top of the paper and then wrap around and package them item as required. This in turn makes the Plain Blue Tissue Paper incredibly easy to use.


For any requirements for Plain Tissue Paper, this variety comes in box quantities of 500 and in turn also offers great value for money for the end user. This is largely helped by the great prices we can offer when ordered wholesale. If you are after this type of plain tissue paper or have any questions regarding plain tissue then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 338 1741 or email us via:


Most Suitable For: Gift Shops, Product Protection, Gift Wrapping, Clothing Stores, Premium Packaging, Craft & Retail Stores

Delivery Time: Next Day Delivery Available


Data Sheet

    Material: Acid Free Tissue Paper

    Colour: Blue

    Paper Thickness: 16gsm

    Sheet Size: 500x700mm