Premium Plain Red Tissue Paper


Description: Premium Plain Red Tissue Paper

Our Premium Plain Red Tissue Paper variety is the perfect colour and choice if you are after a colour of great vibrancy. The great thing to remember with all of our plain tissue papers is they are unbranded and can be readily used to fit in with any other existing branding just down to the colours we offer. This is a great item for presenting items nicely and protectively, working ideally in offering padding to items which would otherwise be loose. As a result, this is a highly popular variety of packaging for boutique gift shops, ideal in packaging luxury items.


Our Plain Red Tissue Paper is acid free and has a paper weight and thickness of 16gsm, offering the ideal format from which to pad items protectively. The paper can be used for a wide variety of items thanks largely to the fact it is acid free. This makes the paper especially ideal for food items and clothing garments among others. Upon use for packaging, the paper overall measures out to 500 x 700mm per sheet, making it easy to use and wrap around items.


A premium product, this variety of Plain Tissue Paper is perfect if you are purely after a quality product wrapping solution. The paper comes in quantities of 500, making it perfect if you may be a retailer selling a large quantity of luxury, bespoke, delicate items.

Most Suitable For: Gift Shops, Product Protection, Gift Wrapping, Clothing Stores, Premium Packaging, Craft & Retail Stores

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Data Sheet

    Material: Acid Free Tissue Paper

    Colour: Red

    Paper Thickness: 16gsm

    Sheet Size: 500x700mm