Premium Plain Pink Tissue Paper


Description: Premium Plain Pink Tissue Paper

Pink as a choice of colour is a great way in which to reflect a feminine, romantic image. Premium Plain Pink Tissue Paper can most effectively enable retailers to reflect this in the packaging of the items they sell and in turn create an eye catching, memorable lasting image for their customers to remember them by. This is the ideal format of packaging for complimenting boxes and bags, a great means of offering additional padding and protection to enable goods are not damaged. With this in mind, our premium variety of tissue paper is perfect for boutique and gift shop gift wrapping.


A premium variety of Plain Tissue Paper, this particular type of tissue paper is acid free meaning it has the advantage of being ideal for packaging tarnishable goods. Overall it can be used to wrap and protect no end of goods, though best of all, it is ideal for padding and protecting items of a delicate nature. The paper has a weight of 21gsm and offers a sheet area of 500 x 700 mm from which items can be wrapped. Buy online now in pack sizes of 500 sheets.


Most Suitable For: Gift Shops, Product Protection, Gift Wrapping, Clothing Stores, Premium Packaging, Craft & Retail Stores

Delivery Time: Next Day Delivery Available

Data Sheet

    Material: Acid Free Tissue Paper

    Colour: Pink

    Paper Thickness: 16gsm

    Sheet Size: 500x700mm