Premium Plain Gold Tissue Paper


Description: Premium Plain Gold Tissue Paper

An easy and ready to go variety of paper, Premium Plain Gold Tissue Paper is perfect for enabling retailers to represent themselves in a quality, high end manner. The great thing with this variety of paper is how effectively it can be used for packaging products to protect them and present them in a bespoke way. Because of this, they are largely popular in boutique gift shops as well as specialist retailers, such as jewelers and chocolatiers. There are many ways the paper can be effectively used as a means to protect items from damage and dust.


As a premium variety of Plain Gold Tissue Paper, you can order online and it comes available in 500 sheet boxes; perfect if you may be a retailer selling items of a precious nature.


Most Suitable For: Gift Shops, Product Protection, Gift Wrapping, Clothing Stores, Premium Packaging, Craft & Retail Stores

Delivery Time: Next Day Delivery Available


Data Sheet

    Material: Acid Free Tissue Paper

    Colour: Gold

    Paper Thickness: 16gsm

    Sheet Size: 500x700mm