Premium Plain Turquoise Tissue Paper


Description: Premium Plain Turquoise Tissue Paper

Whether your business branding may be Turquoise or whether you are a brand looking to portray a specifically eco-friendly image and representation, our Premium Plain Turquoise Tissue Paper is most ideal. As a choice of packaging, this paper is both protective and attractive from a presentational point of view. Additionally, it can be used effectively for specialist gift shops, boutiques and any general retailers to meet their packaging requirements. In any given scenario, this variety of tissue paper is ideal in ensuring items will be well protected from dust or damage.


The paper stock used in the manufacture of this tissue paper is eco-friendly and acid free, which is most ideal in ensuring these bags are kind with the items they package. With an overall thickness of 16gsm, this variety of Plain Tissue Paper offers to prove to be a luxury and strong paper packaging solution. Our premium coloured tissue paper comes in sheet sizes of 500x700mm which is perfectly suited for retail use. We offer this variety of Premium Turquoise Tissue Paper in quantities of 500 sheets, wholesale. Overall, we can offer this choice of tissue at a price which will prove to be great value for money for retailers.


Most Suitable For: Gift Shops, Product Protection, Gift Wrapping, Clothing Stores, Premium Packaging, Craft & Retail Stores

Delivery Time: Next Day Delivery Available


Data Sheet

    Material: Acid Free Tissue Paper

    Colour: Turquoise

    Paper Thickness: 16gsm

    Sheet Size: 500x700mm